Excel Testimonials

” I have a lot of clients who want to get to Excel’s plant and take a tour, but for many they find it difficult to get there during the work week. The Second Saturday Tour is convenient and a big plus for a builder looking to show how the modular building process is an easier and more affordable option for homebuyers than traditional onsite building. It allows me to get my customers to Excel’s headquarters and show them the benefits of building modular first-hand. ”
– Ken Semler, Express Modular, provider of modular homes nationwide


” Excel has a quality product, reliable salespersons and personalized service. We appreciate the fact that our salesperson actually comes up to visit – that means a lot. Excel delivers on time, and their products are clean, well-built and reliable. I love the fact that, as a builder partner, they welcome our input and collaboration. ”
– Bob Dion, Value Homes of New England, Nashua, NH


” We specialize in modular addition renovations. It’s a growing market, with people wanting to stay in their homes as long as possible, and with relatives moving in. We’ve been an Excel customer for 10 years and can truly say they offer more customization options than any other manufacturer. With their products, we’re able to get it done faster, cleaner and save money. ”
– David Gigliotti, Carbide Construction, Lorton, VA


” We saw the market heading toward modular because of the cost benefits, the good quality control throughout the construction process and the way the product is finished. What sets Excel Homes apart is that their sheetrock is probably the best of any I’ve seen. It can often be the weak point with modular, but their materials hold up very well in transit. Their customer service is also excellent, and I’ve never had an issue getting hold of the service department. ”
– Dwayne Daigle, Daigle Construction, Granville, NY
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